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Welcome to the new homepage of AViz, the Atomistic Simulation Vizualization software


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[Latest source files for AViz 6.6 with Qt5 on SimPhoNy Github were coordinated by Nathan Franklin of IWM, Germany] See here for latest updates on SimPhoNy.

IMPORTANT On Redhat 6.8 AViz 6.6 installation needs latest gcc-4.8, thanks Amihai and view details here

The new AViz development is in the framework of the EU FP7 SimPhoNy project, and were coordinated by Nathan Franklin.

New!!!!! aviz sites from student projects - defects catalog, including python scripts for sample manipulation 3d Ising model simulations.
The new student sites need user - cpstudent password - cppw16
see also: Collections of .xyz files and codes to create them for many materials here and link to files for Joan Adler's plugfest presentation here

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Updated to here 8/1/15 - Joan

Old Material: if any of the links lead to dead pages, you can probably find them on the old page here or on the backup on this site here .

If you would like to contribute to the development of AViz, please send an e-mail to phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il