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Technion student projects and theses using AViz

  • Computational Physics class projects
  • Links to Computational Physics undergraduate and Graduate projects
  • AViz webpages for different applications

    Several articles describe the student projects, including:

  • J. Adler ``Educating the next generation of Computational Physicists''preprint, Physics Procedia, 53 , 2-6 (2014).
  • Joan Adler, Yaron Artzi, Liron ben Bashat, Tzipora Yael Izraeli, Meital Kreif, Ido Lavi, Alexander Leibenzon, Adam Levi, Itai Schlesinger, Elad Toledano, Uria Peretz, Yonatan Weisler and Alon Yagil, ``How do I simulate problem X?'', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 510 ,012003 (2014).
  • Joan Adler, Amihai Silverman, Niv Ierushalmi, Anastassia Sorkin and Rafi Kalish, ``Simulation and visualization of ion-implantation in diamond'', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 487 01215 (2014).
  • D. Peled, A. Silverman and J. Adler ``3D visualization of atomistic simulations on every desktop', download IOP Conference Series, 2013, 454, p. 012076.
  • D. Mazvovsky, G. Halioua and Joan Adler, ``The role of projects in (Computational) Physics Education'', download ,Physics Procedia, 2012, Vol 34, p 1-5.
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