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If you do not know where to go, this guide may help:

  • greet Examples with all the different objects.
  • greet Scripts to feed output from other codes into AViz.
  • greet Slides from an AViz tutorial.
  • greet Some seasonal fun.
  • greet We hope other groups will send links to their images with AViz.
  • greet Older installation advice and help for your systems people.
  • greet Technion Computational Physics Group publications including AViz movies.
  • greet Home page of the AViz LISTSERV for sending AViz news.
  • greet Selected AViz applications with good instructional sites - from Technion student projects.
  • greet All the Technion student projects, including many AViz applications.
  • greet A set of older AViz examples, including links to the data files.
  • greet Three projects, one a code to build AViz nanotubes, one with WebGL for percolation and an msql database of lattice images.

    If you would like to contribute to the development of AViz, please send an e-mail to phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il