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This is a page for users to place requests for additional lattice structures and for other users to respond to the posts. All people who use this page for websites/projects/papers etc are requested to acknowledge the requester, AViz and the responder. For the moment the list will be moderated by Joan Adler (phr76ja_at_tx.technion.ac.il) and requesters emails will not be posted without prior consent, but an interactive website is planned. Requests will be posted periodically on the AViz listserv, see link above.
  1. A student of Material Science in University of the Philippines, writes`` i saw your website regarding the crystal structure of superconductors (http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~ira/index.html), It's a very nice reference website that includes the basis atoms and their respective position. Right now i'm looking for Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 (part of my reasearch) basis atoms and its JCPDS (latest), i just want to ask if you're working on that kind of supercondcutor crystal, and if you may, please provide those data that i need (basis atoms and JCPDS).''

    Can anyone help him?

See also the FAQ page - perhaps your request has been answered there.

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