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AViz visualization of input from other codes

Wrappers to connect AViz to several simulation codes is a major part of the FP7 SimPhoNy project. Updates to this can be found on the simphony-aviz part of the simphony github site. In addition, some existing links can be helpful. Several of the links are written for use on the Technion's TAMNUN Parallel computer which is a LINUX Redhat SGI Intel machine with a Mellanox switch. These include:
  1. LAMMPS - TAMNUN EASY LAMMPS PAGE and examples of LAMMPS to AViz from student projects.
    1. http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~yahelbarak/index_files/project/prj_index.html
    2. http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~mihaa123/project.html
    3. http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~zvulun/zvulun_PROJ_Intro.html
  2. QUANTUM ESPRESSO - TAMNUN Project of Bastien Grosso
  3. Monte Carlo code for Liquid crystals in python to AViz - Project of Hila Glanz
  4. AFM resuts in HDF4 to AViz - Pavel Aharonov's project
  5. Firefly and PCGAMESS input to AViz - Or Cohen's project
  6. Analysis of percolation clusters - EW
  7. Python routines for cutting samples - EW
  8. Wrapper porting to python - Jeremy Rutman , ready, link to be updated soon.
  9. Fortran wrappers for 5 color nanotube: parconv.f Routine to convert dataset such as nanstar to dataset nanpartdat.xyz for input to AViz and out put to image. Based on earlier convert.f for transforming .xyz files.
  10. New convert file for LAMMPS dump files. remove first few lines, then run convert_lammps.f (compiled with f77) for say 1000 atoms to startwith. You get dan.xyz
  11. Lammps/argon: tar file based on code from https://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/fys/FYS4460/v19/notes/project01-part1to3-v1.pdf using convert_lammps.f.
  12. Improved files for 4000 atoms of argon newmiri.tar and skip version of convert, skip.tar - skipcon.f and skipcon.ex as well as results miri.xyz and miri2.xyz.
  13. Code to create an indexed file:char.f and its README_char.
  14. Final version of above:mirifinal.tar, with results
  15. One examples for converting percolation files in detail on the FAQ page
  16. Fortran wrappers for QE - Joan Adler superseeded by Bastien's c++ ones.
  17. AViz wrappers from VASP - two Computational Physics class projects of students from M. Toroker's, Materials Science Group at the Technion with AViz visualizations from VASP output:

    1. Atomistic - project of Y. Elbaz
    2. Electronic density - project of M. Nagli

    More details and images on the class website page. These projects require a password shown in the image .

If you would like to contribute to the development of AViz, please send an e-mail to phr76ja@tx.technion.ac.il