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Database of xyzfiles and tools to create them

  • NANOTUBES: nanotube builder

  • Selected nanotube examples: tarball of xyzfiles

  • Semiconductor .xyz files and lattice builder by Amir Bishara. The code and examples can also be downloaded from here.

  • Superconductors, Fullerenes and other Structures by Ira Burshtein

  • Bootstrap Percolation by Uri Lev

  • Bravais Lattices and Proteins by Shahar Rosen

  • Cellular Automata by Ido Kesten

  • Semiconductors by Amir Bishara

  • Wulff construction and cutting and combining crystals by Lilach Saltoun. To appear, IOP Conference Proceedings.
  • Some of the work presented on this page is funded by the EU through the SimPhoNy project which is funded by FP7 under NMP-2013-1.4-1 call with Grant agreement no: 604005.