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Doh SEGEL MEHKAR, Spring 2017

IN PREPARATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COURSE INFORMATION - download pdf version

  • The course is 12:30-14:30 Tuesdays in Rm 323, Lidow Physics building.

  • The lecturer is Dr Joan Adler, phr76ja_at_tx.technion.ac.il, Rm 603, Lidow Physics Building, Tel ext. 3937.

  • Course grade is pass or fail. A ``pass'' requires:
    1. writing a report of 2-5 pages (2-5 ``amudim'') on 2 talks. Reports must be submitted no later than the end of the semester (30th June).
    2. presence in all talks from the beginning to the end. Absences must be approved either in advance or within 2 weeks of the lectures, based on documentation.

  • The timetable (check it at: http://phony1.technion.ac.il/~doh17/calendar.html) will be updated every few days.

  • Last updated: February, 2017.
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