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  • The initial PGPLOT quantum project was quickly extended to many, many more in many, many languages. This went way beyond topics needed for the Computational Physics class (3rd year or graduate) because I was also teaching ``Modern Physics'' an introductory quantum and condensed matter second year course.
  • The topic was ideal for undergraduate projects because the students understood the material so could proceed to concentrate on programming and presentation. A partial list is:
  • Zeeman Effect
  • Levels in Quantum Wells website that runs on computers, smartphones and tablets.
  • hydrogen atom wavefunctions
  • Analglyphic stereo version of above. Glasses in the physics library.
    This site has been used in Physics 3, see here
  • Stern-Gerlach Effect. Windows and LINUX versions.
  • Schroedinger Equation website with movies
  • Similar to above in MATLAB
  • Bragg Scattering
  • Bravais Lattices
  • Band theory, Semiconductors vs Insulators
  • Fermi Surfaces and Brillouin Zones