what 3D Stereo Images of Hydrogen Atoms

The glasses

Image from 1952 of a movie audience
viewing an analglyphic
stereo 3D movie

The Lecturer

Dr Muhammed Akashi,
Teaching Modern Physics,
Fall, 2015/6

The students

in Rm. 323, Lidow Physics Building.

1s m=0
2p m=1
2p m=0
3d m=2
3d m=1
3d m=0
4f m=3
4f m=2
4f m=1
4f m=0
2s m=0
3p m=1

What are the students viewing?

Images of the Electronic Density
of the hydrogen atom, drawn by Meytal Krief
as an undergraduate project,
supervised by Dr Joan Adler.
Clicking on the atomic images will link
to rotating stereo images.

How it was done

Audio slides from the manuscript describing these results
Joan Adler, Omri Adler, Meytal Kreif, Or Cohen,
Bastien Grosso, Adham Hashibon, Valentino R. Cooper,
``Mini-review of Electron Density Visualization''
(2015) Physics Procedia, 68, p. 2–6.
Click on the arrow to view and hear
a description or check out Meytal's website.