Esteban Mocskos, from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
and I (Joan Adler) are co-editors of a special issue of
``Computers in Science and Engineering'', an IEEE/AIP Journal, which
was formed from two Journals, including ``Computers in Physics''.

The issue is focused on telling stories of outstanding people
contributing to advances in computational science from developing countries

More details are in the journal's call at:

We are looking for short articles focused on your personal
research, some suggestions for material include covering aspects such as:

* education
* computing infrastructure
* network infrastructure
* application development

You may also include a small photo of youself (and your group) and an
image from one of your visualizations. Some possible questions you may
wish to answer are:

1) What is your research field (describe in few lines, give some links
to projects/papers)?
2) How long have you been doing research in your country? Where did you
3) What kind of support do you get from your
country/institution/government to do your research?
4) What type of support are computational sciences (including HPC,
Visualization and advanced algorithms) receiving, in general, in your
country? Are there any specific programs/grants to support them? Do you
have access to local or international HPC facilities.
5) What is your computational science teaching experience? Are there any
specific curricula? Are PhD students/programs being funded to focus on
computational sciences?
6) Are you teaching/mentoring younger computational scientists.
7) (Not necessarily for publication, but suggestions will be passed to
the CISE editorial board) How could CISE help computational science in
your country?''

Please contact us at