• I decided a website to teach about liquid crystals with downloadable code would be useful.
  • I gave Hila Glanz and Izrael Nadir some references, explained simulated annealing (we'll get back to that) and the use of the liquid crystal option, agreed to python (looking forward towards the SimPhoNy python wrapper project) and received a pleasant surprise of two websites that presented the results I will now show, communications willing, from http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~hilag.
  • Communications unwilling - see screenshot1 , screenshot2 , screenshot3 . (Unwilling also = hacked website).
  • Pure liquid crystals are relatively easy to anneal into groundstates. We used the ``color to indicate direction of the molecule feature'' of AViz graphics.
  • The code is written for generalization to more complex models or simplification to spins etc.

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