Report on Special Volume:

With help from Cathy and Jennifer the call is posted at:

There will be two types of contributions, four feature ones,

- South American HPC (Esteban is in charge here)

- ASESMA (Africa) (Joan will write to Nithiya Chetty, SA)

- Linksceem (Eastern Mediterranean) (Joan will write to Constantina Alexandrou, Cyprus)

- Asia - still undecided, suggestions welcome. A possibility is from India,  but that would again
be Quantum Espresso as far as I know; and would be good to get a different subject.

and several short articles, Authors of the short ones will be asked the following questions:

``Some questions you may wish to answer are given below. You may also include a
small photo of youself (and your group) and an image from one of your

1) What is your research field (describe in few lines, give some links
to projects/papers)?
2) How long have you been doing research in your country? Where did you study?

3) What kind of support do you get from your
country/institution/government to do your research?

4) What type  of support are computational sciences
(including HPC, Visualization and advanced algorithms)
receiving, in general, in your country?
Are there any specific programs/grants to support them?
Do you have access to local or international HPC facilities.

5) What is your  computational science teaching experience? Are there any
specific curricula? Are PhD students/programs being funded to focus on
computational sciences? 

6) Are you teaching/mentoring younger computational scientists.

7) (Not necessarily for publication, but suggestions will be passed to the
CISE editorial board) How could CISE help computational science
in your country?''

Of course we will be happy if the call yields responses, but are working in several
directions to suggest to people to write and again your suggestions,
especially from Asia  and arab counties most welcome. Especially welcome outside
Computational Physics and HPC where a partial list  (only Esteban's suggestions contacted so far) includes:

Esteban's suggestions -

Esteban Meneses (National High Technology Center, San José, Costa Rica)
Herman Menna (Yachay Tech, Ecuador)

Contacting authorities in Ukraine to find people there.

Joan's suggestions: (Pakistan) Applied math/stat phys.

Shazrene Mohamd (SA)
Cape Town 7925, South Africa  Astrophysics.

Sarra Douah (Algeria)
Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Mohamed Boudiaf d'Oran  statistical physics

Someone from Thailand, to be found.

Two selections from the Computational Physics Meeting in SA last year:

Someone from the plasma Group in Kazakstan:

  Ms. Sandugash KODANOVA IETP, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
 Prof. Tlekkabul RAMAZANOV IETP, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  Mrs. Moldir ISSANOVA IETP, Al-Farabi Kazakh National Universit
  Mr. Zhandos MOLDABEKOV IETP, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Someone from Iran:

    Mr. Amin NAJAFI Department of Physics, Zanjan University, P.O. Box 45196-313, Zanjan, Iran
    Prof. Amir Hossein DAROONEH Department of Physics, Zanjan University, P.O. Box 45196-313, Zanjan, Iran

Joan Adler