CLASS PROJECTS in Computational Physics - 2017
PROJECTS on phony1 and phelafel have passwords -

Completed (graded) project sites linked from the student's name; see also 2016, 2015, 2014 and projects from three years ago here and a manuscript about them. Where applicable initials of the student's supervisor/co-superviser or people who proposed topic given in research details. Three projects use VASP which requires a privately owned license. All the others use software that is either public domain or Technion site licensed. The projects on phelafel are password protected; password in image at top of page. The final project is on a google server for security reasons.

Liora Eissenstat Dielectric Tensor calculation
[VASP - runs on TAMNUN]

Yuval Elbaz DFT calculation of hydrogen diffusion
[VASP -runs on TAMNUN]

Michael Nagli Density functional theory investigation of electronic and elastic properties of Ni(OH)2.
[VASP, Python - runs on Tamnun] A backup of this project is here visible within the firewall only.

Sharon Rechnitz Electronic Density of CNT with attached Benzene Molecules
[QuantumEspresso - runs on Tamnun]

Lee Yaacobi
[MATLAB with GUI - the codes are read protected and will be released when the student's research is published]

Amit Akiva Michaelis-Menten kinematics
[SOFTWARE - MATLAB solution of ODEs]

Hala Salame סיבים אופטיים
[SOFTWARE - javascript, html, css - runs on ]

Updated June, 2017