GROUP PROJECTS in Computational Physics - 2016

Completed (graded) project sites linked from the student's name; see also 2016, 2015, 2014 and projects from three years ago here and a manuscript about them. Where applicable initials of the student's supervisor/co-superviser or people who proposed topic given in research details. Most of these are class projects, as this is the first year of so many group projects. Class projects are less extensive than group ones.

Omer Shiran Circular Motion
[Mathematica - runs on Windows and LINUX]

Mat Born A Graphic Representation of Energy Levels in Varying Three Dimensional Potential Wells
[html - uses browser]

Livnat Cohen Percolation
[Fortan and AViz - LINUX]

Priel Aharonian Colloids in liquid crystals
[AViz and Python for LINUX]

Ido Rozen Visualization of the 3D Ising model near criticality
[AViz on LINUX]

Oshri Halimi Colloids in liquid crystals
[AViz and Python for LINUX]

Elad Neta Visualization of Defects

Dana Nissan .......... algorithm
[blabla. runs on blabla]

Updated October, 2016