• The older projects were supported by a series of ISF grants to Polturak, Lipson and Adler.
  • The recent project is supported by the EU FP7 SimPhoNy grant, whose coordinator is A. Hashibon.
  • In SimPhoNy, further development of the AViz code is being made, including options of cutting and combining crystals. The new AViz site is at
    http://phony1.technion.ac.il/~aviz and can be downloaded from Github. We now have Qt5 and versions checked for SUSE, UBUNTU and CENTOS/Redhat.
  • All codes can be downloaded from Lilach's website.
  • A draft manuscript and a set of supplementary information can also be downloaded.
  • Some words from the sponsors - EU Cluster CECAM Multiscale Meeting CCP2016 and 2016 YSP CALL