Table: Codes and files.


  Code Input Output Description                    
   (i) - - L value (e.g. L=50) sample size                    
   (ii) hcpnn.f L value hcpnnn.out surface tension                    
   (iii) constracting_wulff_ hcpnnn.out Wulff shapeNL=50.txt Wulff shape                    
     shape.m     from surface tension                    
   (iv) create_hcp_crystal_ Wulff shape Wulff HCP crystal create HCP crystal                    
     in_wulff_shape.m NL=50.txt NL=50.txt in Wulff shape                    
   (v) cutting_rot_and_ see Fig. crystal1_x.txt x is a serial index                    
     conecting_crystals.m   crystal2_x.txt also files with 2 crystals                    
   (vi) GUI_TWISTED.m see Fig. surface energy twist angles                    
   (vii) GUI_TILTED.m   surface energy tilt angles                    
   (viii) AViz crystal*.xyz show interface bonds images                    

For more information please read the readme files attached to each code and the project report.