The early roughening experiments at the Technion were recorded with interference imaging techniques
and the transitions then analysed from the images.
All the simulations were visualized and show progress in visualization of surfaces over the years.

Rough helium crystal in a holographic cryostat,
Ph.D thesis of Yoash Carmi, 1986.

An early result from Seattle, 1988.
Interface of an Ising lattice-gas model.
Drawn with TOPDRAW, by Adler and Arian.

G. Baum's color surface images
(scanned from his thesis)

A. Hashibon's facet images (OpenGL)
Drawn with the Vi3d code that
was a precursor to AViz.

Lilach's crystal (this project)

AViz atomistic side view of tilted interface (this project)

AViz bond view of direct interface (this project)

AViz bond view of the twisted interface (this project)

AVizbond view of the tilted interface (this project)