• Vibrating nanotubes make NEMS (Nano-Electro-Mechanical Sensors) to weigh molecules such as DNA.
  • Challenging aspect of vibrating nanotube systems is the value of h, the nanotube wall width.
  • How does it vary under local strain in the tube bending.
  • Exaggerated image of a vibrating tube, showing the strained bonds in red is shown at left.
  • Width needed to calculate the mass from the measured frequency,
  • Very controversial for a long time - plays a r\'ole in Yakobson's paradox about a nanotube's Young's modulus.
  • In two papers by Adler, Pine, Yaish h=0.06nm. (Two distinct analysis approaches to data from multiple simulations.)
  • Until now, direct confirmation was not made.

  • This study is part of the EU FP7 SimPhoNy project, and of Omri Adler's M. Sc. thesis.