MOLECULE -- please stay -- SOLVED!

  • Interesting case - several different half ring attachments on a (30,30) armchair nanotube with 15060 C atoms.
  • Nanotube prepared in the same manner as the thinner ones, but longer so it vibrates well.
  • Frequency was analysed with a MATLAB code that took Fourier transform, gave a spectrum of resonance frequencies.
  • Attachments of half rings with 78 atoms each were placed at different places along the tube, see two realizations at left.
  • Graphs of the lowest frequencies in the z direction for different numbers of additional half rings. Despite the differing amplitudes, We observe a clear trend that the frequency decreases as adsorbed mass increases.

  • This study is part of the EU FP7 SimPhoNy project, and of Omri Adler's M. Sc. thesis.