2d clusters from Liran's website



  • Mixture of glass/metal balls and our code examples are SITE percolation.
  • BOND percolation is when all sites occupied, but passages between open or closed.
  • Very Israeli, 2 main simulation algorithms:
    1. Leath-Alexandrovicz (A. - Weizmann, polymer science)
    2. Hoshen-Kopelman (2 Yordim in the USA)
  • Series expansion - a graph theory method - Aharony/Adler (TAU, Technion) - General dimensional results for bond percolation.
  • Dennis Rapaport (BIU). first got the 0.572... for the 2d site square lattice.
  • Extensions - bootstrap percolation (Adler).
  • Women in percolation theory = me + some students, Shaked Elfenboim and Livnat Cohen.
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    gas mask


    fluid application - start

    fluid application - end

    Did you know that the origin of Percolation theory was in England during WW2 to calculate correct density of carbon granules in gas masks???