Why this topic?

  • Short answer - fun stuff to talk about.
  • Percolation is a great way to teach Phase Transitions.
  • Do I need to define Percolation?
  • Wolfhard has 12 papers on Percolation.
  • The study of percolation did start not too far from here, at Harwell.
  • Percolation began in the early fifties, christened by John Hammersley, a probablist, see his account.
    It moved to physics for a while, but nowadays seems to be hot again in the probability community.
  • Percolation is also about 60 years old.
  • It has always been hard to find a lot of real condensed matter applications. One of these resulted in my only non-series paper with Wolfhard. I will conclude this talk with an especially cute boostrap percolation one, relevant to creating diamond membranes for quantum computing.
  • New activity in diffusion percolation (inverse of bootstrap) at TAU materials right now.