Underlying theme of your research (one sentence): 

Simulation and visualization of condensed matter and materials

    Your research objectives:

Develop and apply simulation and visualization techniques for materials that
elucidate their structures and properties, and guidelines for suitable
visualization approaches.

    Your research activities (briefly): 

Simulation and visualization of carbon allotropes, ceramics with Molecular
Dynamics and DFT theory and our in-house AViz visualization package.
183 papers, 20 external grants, 2 editorial board memberships,
50 International Conference Committees, and various positions on the IUPAP
Computational Physics Commission C20. 

    Your past and present most significant research contributions (in a few sentences only, e.g., you discovered fire):

Prediction of order in liquids near interfaces, (now experimentally verified),
defect structures in diamond in agreement with experiment and 
predictions regarding  flow in and vibrations of nanotubes. Techniques
and applications to identify critical exponents via visualization approaches.
These led to a set of critical exponent and temperature predictions
for three dimensional Ising and percolation models still cited today.

    Collaboration with other Technion faculty members (including other faculties): 

Physics: Moshe Moshe, Rafi Kalish, Emil Polturak, Steve Lipson, Erez Ribak,
Amiram Ron
Materials: Wayne Kaplan
Chemical Engineering: Simon Brandon,  Moshe Sheintuch
Chemistry: Alon Hoffman
Electrical Engineering: Yuval  Yaish
(I have joint papers with all of the above, as well as several joint papers
with   project and class students from Physics and other faculties.)

    Your vision regarding the future of the faculty (e.g. you'd like to boost the field of UFO hunting): 

I dream of increased recognition of Computational Physics as the
third triad with theory and experiment and of more female students and
faculty members. Improved Computational facilities and support.

    How do you view your research activities in relation to that vision: 

I push Computational Physics/Science wherever possible, especially as  an editorial
board member of the IEEE Journal ``Computation in Engineering and Science''.
I have originated ``women lunches'' at IUPAP and other conferences and try to
mentor female sudents, especially from minority communities. Encouraging and
supporting the Technion Parallel Computer, TAMNUN, as well as training in advanced
computation in my ``Computational Physics'' course and projects.