Joan Adler  - undergraduate student projects 2016-8.

2016 - Ahmad Kiswani - Lattice Boltzmann algorithm [Lattice Boltzmann on GPU]
2016 - Shaked Elfenbaum (in Hebrew) - Percolation

2017 -

This is  a webpage,  with links to sites some of which have username
cpstudent and password cppw16 for some of the older projects. Text extracted is:

-begin extraction-
Omer Shiran - Circular Motion [Mathematica - runs on Windows and LINUX]

Livnat Cohen - Percolation [Fortan and AViz - LINUX]

Priel Aharonian - Colloids in liquid crystals I  [AViz and Python for LINUX]

Ido Rozen - Visualization of the 3D Ising model near criticality
[AViz on LINUX] Oshri Halimi - Colloids in liquid crystals II [AViz and Python for LINUX] Elad Neta - Visualization of Defects[AViz] - end extraction- More recent: Eden Segal- 3D Lattice Boltzman - Grisha Zeltyn - 3D Interactive visualization of nanotubes - Alex Lipkin - XYmodel - Current 2018 in progress: Shahreen Abu Reesh - WebGL lattice models There are also class projects from 2016-7, of much smaller scope. From the group and a few class projects, several papers, 1. Joan Adler, Gal Nissim and Ahmad Kiswani, “GPUs in a Computational Physics Course”, (2017) J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 905 012017 2. Joan Adler, Shaked Elfenbaum and Liran Shahrir in Phase transitions and critical phenomena (PTCP), “Percolation in Education and Application in the 21st Century” Springer Festschrift for the 60th Birthday of Wolfhard Janke, Eur. Phs. J. Special Topics, DOI10.1140/epjst/e2016-60277-y 3. Joan Adler, Priel Aharonian and Oshri Halimi, ``Groundstates of liquid crystals with colloids: a project for undergraduate students.'' XXIXth IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics CCP2017 IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1136 (2018) 012028 4. A manuscript with Grisha Zelytn and Eden Segal is in preparation.