Companion website for poster presentation at IPS2018
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Left image is a WebGL nanotube - point to cause it to rotate. Right image is steady-state fluid flow around 3 fixed objects. See links below for more examples.
  1. A fuller version of this presentation at: Joan Adler's talk for 32nd Annual Computer Simulation meeting at UGA, 2019.
  2. Related material at:Invited APS talk.
  3. Pdf of the poster.
  4. Eden Segal - 3D Lattice Boltzman
  5. Grisha Zeltyn - 3D Interactive visualization of nanotubes
Left image below is a SternGerlach simulation movie by Elad Toledano and the right image is a set of Metal Krief's analglyphic stereo hydrogen atom wavefunctions. Click on one to rotate and view with red-cyan glasses, (attached to poster or borrowable in the Technion physics library). More details on both at: Joan Adler, Yaron Artzi, Liron ben Bashat, Tzipora Yael Izraeli, Meital Kreif, Ido Lavi, Alexander Leibenzon, Adam Levi, Itai Schlesinger, Elad Toledano, Uria Peretz, Yonatan Weisler and Alon Yagil, ``How do I simulate problem X?'', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 510 ,012003 (2014).
1s m=0
2p m=1
2p m=0
3d m=2
3d m=1
3d m=0
4f m=3
4f m=2
4f m=1
4f m=0
2s m=0
3p m=1
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