• Promised session of presentations for Computational Physics class projects ...NEXT SEMESTER....
  • Rm 315, the computer classroom just finished renovation, so its a good time.
  • Ido Rozen suggested Moadon Mada, so here we are.
  • I have asked a few students to present their projects, I will present some more and then we will look briefly thru others.
  • This is NOT an INTRODUCTION to Computational Physics, I do that in Doh Segel Mehkar which I recommend to everyone in 5th-6th Semester.
  • Upper left: YOUTUBE from polymer project, ``Computer simulation of dilute polymer solutions with the disspative particles dynamics method', by Yoni Weissler
    Lower left: YOUTUBE from Brillouin zone and Fermi surface project by Shir Kolangi and Arik Rond
    Talk online at: http://phony1.technion.ac.il/~phr76ja/moadonmada/mmtitle.html.