Early Examples, ctd

  1. Impatient with static figures in the Modern Physics text (Tipler 2nd edition, see also Griffith chs 3 and 8).
  2. Koonin's Computational Physics text examples included time independent and time dependent Schroedinger equation.
  3. Provided great projects for the Computational Physics class. Weakness in Koonin (and Meredith FORTRAN version) was graphics, but we were using PGPLOT in research so used it in projects to get animated codes for SE (Yohai ben Horin).
  4. Computer use before 200 students hard - video easier. Movies made using video disk at visualization center at Hebrew U.
  5. Decided needed a center at the Technion, got money (ISF) and set it up in 1994. Excellent advice from UGA visualization people - straight to OpenGL just as that took off. Today do all this on desktops. Our center amalgamated with our website support center, but still consults on visualization and does legal music for animations.
  6. All details, downloadable mpgs and codes at: http://phycomp.technion.ac.il/~psa/sch.html. We did a full edited movie (Shai Goldberg, 1996) in 2 parts - Part I and Part II.

The figure at upper left is actually a still from a film made in 1967 - on the LIVERMORE IBM7094 and CDC-3600 by Goldberg, Schey and Schwartz, AJP
There are also animated PGPLOT codes for other physics problems useful in teaching Statistical Physics incl. Percolation, a model for water, and assorted Ising variants.