• Zeeman Effect
  • Levels in Quantum Wells website that runs on computers, smartphones and tablets.
  • hydrogen atom wavefunctions
  • Analglyphic stero version of above. Glasses in the physics library.
    This site has been used in Physics 3, see here
  • Stern-Gerlach Effect. Windows and LINUX versions.
  • Schroedinger Equation website with movies
  • Similar to above in MATLAB
  • Bragg Scattering
  • Bravais Lattices
  • Band theory, Semiconductors vs Insulators
  • Fermi Surfaces and Brillouin Zones

  • The project lists also include some final undergraduate projects in my group.
  • I will leave MATLAB and interactive web till CLASS 3 and concentrate on others just now.
  • At left is a list of projects related to undergraduate QUANTUM MECHANICS, CONDENSED MATTER.
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