Liran Sharir

2D and 3D percolation interactive WebGLsite
[WebGL - Education]

Omri Harosh

Percolation in diamond
[LAMMPS and AViz - Research] with R. Kalish and A. Silverman

Shaked Elfenbein

[Analog - Education] with JA - includes Hebrew explanation of Liran Sharir website

Alexander Leibenzon

Percolation on fractals
[C++, AViz - Statistical Mechanics, graph theory]

Niv Ierushalmi

Bootstrap percolation of a damaged diamond and
measurement of the smoothness of the diamond surface
[c, MATLAB, AViz - Condensed matter research, (AS, JA and RK)]

Uri Lev

Bootstrap Percolation
[Fortran and AViz - Research]

Nir Yefet

3D Percolation visualization
[C and OpenGL - Education]

E. W.

3D Percolation visualization
[C and AViz - Education]


  • Percolation taught in Week 9. First optional topic but always done.
  • I use a PGPLOT implementation (199? implementation by Ido Braslavsky and Zaher Salman) of the Hoshen Kopelman algorithm,

    as well as Liran Sharir's WebGL site.
  • I also demonstrate enumeration by doing a build of a series from its graphs and explain Dlog Pade analysis of series expansions.
  • Sometimes I add fractals here too.
  • Lots of websites on percolation and its variations in many languages and even an analog demonstration.
  • [ PROJECTS, ctd - 2017 ]