Lee Yaacobi
[MATLAB with GUI - the codes are read protected
and will be released when
the student's research is published]

Amit Akiva project title
[MATLAB - runs on ]

Hala Salame סיבים אופטיים
[SOFTWARE - javascript, html, css - runs on windows]
In Hebrew for technical college students

2016 - 2017 CLASS - other projects and final topics

  • There were also 3 projects of several other types.
  • One MATLAB code of a doctoral student related to his experimental research - not yet public at his supervisor's request. An earlier 199? FORTRAN/PGPLOT project of this type (phasing a multimirror telescope) is shown at lowest left.
  • One MATLAB from an undergraduate on a biological physics topic.
  • One (in hebrew) prepared by a Science Education graduate student for the use of her students at the technical college where she lectures.
  • The two really final topics selected this year were both related to algorithms for the solution of different types of partial differential equations. One is the Time Dependent Schroedinger equation (movie link below) the other a granular media simulation showing bands in rotating mixtures by Carina Reisin, (lower left) from 1995. In both cases after we discuss the algorithms the students run and edit the codes.
  • Both based on material from Koonin's book with our own PGPLOT graphics.

    [ TDSE movie ]