Omer Shiran
Circular Motion
[Mathematica - runs on Windows and LINUX]

Mat Born A Graphic Representation of Energy Levels
in Varying Three Dimensional Potential Wells
[html - uses browser]

Livnat Cohen Percolation
[Fortan and AViz - LINUX]

Priel Aharonian Colloids in liquid crystals
[AViz and Python for LINUX]

Ido Rozen Visualization of the 3D Ising model near criticality
[AViz on LINUX]

Oshri Halimi Colloids in liquid crystals
[AViz and Python for LINUX]

Elad Neta Visualization of Defects

Dana Nissan .......... algorithm
[blabla. runs on blabla]


  • This years projects from group students.
  • Larger scope than class projects, but most students took the course earlier.
  • Many more serious forays into topics earlier presented in class projects.
  • I strongly recommend those of you who teach mechanics and use MATHEMATCA investigate the top left project.
  • The colloid modelling (second in in a proposed set of three projects) are the first time I allowed python for more than scripting. It has not been a good experience because of the enormous CPU times needed. To be presented at CCP2017 in Paris in July.
  • One apology - not all the earlier FORTRAN codes yet translated from f77 to F95 that is the standard for the newer UBUNTU LINUX. (If anyone needs that please write to me as some not yet published as I am working on them still.)