Henon-Heiles: code - Koonin
graphics - pgplot adaption class project 1993(?) by Heela
image - Sharon Reichnitz - class 2016
SE: code - Koonin
graphics -class project - Yochai ben Horin
1993(?) - animation -JA 199?
Molecular Dynamics
code -D. Saada
graphics - AViz (JA)
Simulated annealing
code and graphics - pgplot (AS and JA)

  • No budget for commercial codes for a whole class.
  • Gold standard in Computational Physics - GL --> OpenGL
  • OpenGL is a library of routines either compiled and linked in a code or used to postprocess.
  • Powerful but not so easy to learn/use.
  • Library concept shared by PGPLOT and PGPLOT easier, even if limited in 3D.
  • PGPLOT free for academic use.

    All the codes for first half of course adapted to PGPLOT either by my second teaching assistant, Amihai Silverman, or as course projects in the 90s. In the first few years I taught (1989 - 1993) used Koonin's basic and Gould and Tobochnik's Truebasic.

  • [ BRINGING in the VISUALIZATION, ctd. ]