What the students looked at - Hydrogen atom wave functions - this is the later -

  • The electronic density of the hydrogen atom has been extensively used in classes but I will come full circle with its impact on my research.
  • There are a whole page of these on Meital's site at http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~meytal/.
  • But this is only the beginning.
  • Once we had the technique developed, it turned out useful for a research problem, measuring the width of a nanotube - a parameter we needed to model nanotube vibrations. If you can measure these then you can weigh molecules such as DNA by seeing how the vibrations change.
  • We have proof of concept from simulations and Yuval Yaish has measured this in the lab.
  • I show this for the unencumbered nanotube below left, show the nanotube with an attached ring center left below, the larger nanotube electron density center right below and hoped that until I got here, the calculation of the density with ring attached would have finished - it did ad the image came thru yesterday!
  • The left image is from a paper by a student intern Bastien Grosso in Computer Physics Communications and the right visualization is from a student course project by Sharon Maliniak, with data from Omri Adler, my last MSc student. Sharon while joining a group discussion when she was doing another project with me suggested better adhesion with larger nanotubes, then took my class and got the visualization as a project. Another example of education/research interaction!