My group in 2014,
far left Liran Sharir,
center front Omri Adler,
far right back row, Amihai Silverman

whose codes or images are featured here.

Points for:

  • Algorithm (where appropriate).
  • Interface (how smoothly it runs).
  • Graphics (where appropriate),
  • Help files (compulsory).
  • Accessibility of software (does it run on several platforms).
  • Overall presentation.
  • Downloadable software, and ease of download.
  • Default examples and parameters.


  • Before handing in try the routines out on a classmate, friend etc to check for bugs when the user is not yet an expert on the interface.
  • Hebrew sites (allowed for Scence Education students) must include one page in English to explain what they are about.

    I do not take off points for poor English, but try to edit sites I might want to include in presentations or papers.