4 MATLAB examples - CODE and RUN INSTRUCTIONS (for UNIX tar files go to the website links)
sdemo.m Download and run. This is the easy one. Note the version linked here is the corrected one, thanks Asael. Take care not to use other links. WINDOWs zip files
Just select sdemo.m
http://phelafel.technion.ac.il/~muntaser/ For this case you you need to unpack and extract the code. It is called BPM, (Beam Propagation Model). The zip file is here. There are several defaults - please use as presented during the session, as the others take a l-o-o-ng time. Select BPM.m from directory BPMcode
Again unpack and extract, it is called code (with a lower case c),
and can be downloaded.
You can get an idea from the movies below how to run this:
Select main.m from directory code
The four frames at right
are click to play animations
I recommend CPU option unless you know you have a GPU
Code download
Use capacitance_extraction.m from capacitance_extraction_matlab_files