T.I. Schroedinger Equation, thanks, Liora

Example from a textbook


  • Impatient with static figures for the time dependent SE in the Modern Physics text (Tipler 2nd edition) so since we were doing PGPLOT movies now ......
  • The figure at left is actually a still from a film made in 1967 - on the LIVERMORE IBM7094 and CDC-3600 by Goldberg, Schey and Schwartz, AJP , but I only discovered this 2 years ago.
  • Computational Physics class text by Koonin and Meredith included time independent and time dependent Schroedinger equation.
  • These provided great projects for the class.
  • Weakness in Koonin (and Meredith FORTRAN version) was graphics, but we were using PGPLOT in research so used it in projects to get animated codes for SE (Yohai ben Horin).

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