• My philosophy about what students should know about Computational Physics.
  • Translating this into a step-by-step programme.
  • How to cope with different levels of knowledge.
  • What they do in the first half of the course. This has not changed much in 26 years.
  • This part of the course includes 4 homework exercises about basic algorithms of numerical algorithms including Visualization as well as an introduction to work on a LINUX computer.
  • I give a simpler version as a LINUX environment course for new users of our parallel computer.
  • Then I discuss the second half of the course. I change parts of this every year, to reflect the research directions of the students. It includes a final homework exercise and the project.
  • Last year I covered HPC, parallel and GPU coding and ``large codes'' for many topics.
  • I will discuss projects at the end of the 2nd class in more detail.

  • [ 3rd CLASS]