Peter Borcherds, a pioneer in teaching
Computational Physics as a distinct subject in a
laboratory environment. In an article published in 1986
(IOP Journal of Physics Education, 21 p. 238)
he described his hands-on class
using BBC micros with color monitors.

Other classes and publications about them at:
including material in Russian and Spanish.


  • No clear answer, or rather many people have many different answers.
  • I really do not care - for undergraduate teaching, whatever shows the most for the least lecturer/student effort lets the student learn the most physics.
  • My only condition is that its legal; if possible public domain and at worst site-licensed.
  • More important easy to access and stable for several years.
  • I do care about language for Computational Physics class; more on that in the next lecture.
  • I personally use html for slides at all levels as it works everywhere from supercomputers to smartphones. These slides can be viewed by progressing in each class via the link at lower left. All slides linked here .
  • I expect all my Computational Physics class and project students to present material on websites. This gives our department a supply of web skilled teaching assistants.