Projects with material for Physics 3 and Physics 3H - Modern Physics

This material was prepared by Technion students either in the Computational Physics class or undergraduate projects. Most projects have downloadable code and instructions and should run on Technion servers like t2 and ALUF, unless mentioned as being interactive website only. The material can be linked for educational non-profit use and must be duely referenced with the name of the student author, and publication reference if there is one. Enquiries to either the student author or to Dr Joan Adler (

  • Zeeman Effect
  • Levels in Quantum Wells website that runs on computers, smartphones and tablets.
  • hydrogen atom wavefunctions
  • Analglyphic stero version of above. Glasses in the physics library.
    This site has been used in Physics 3, see here
  • Stern-Gerlach Effect. Windows and LINUX versions.
  • Schroedinger Equation website with movies
  • Similar to above in MATLAB
  • Bragg Scattering
  • Bravais Lattices
  • Band theory, Semiconductors vs Insulators
  • Fermi Surfaces and Brillouin Zones