The Technion reality - students and Hi-tech


  • Israel is sometimes called the ``START-UP NATION'' and the start-up focus is the Technion. Seventy percent of Israel's high-tech workforce are Technion graduates.
  • Speaking personally, this includes my daughter, 2 sons-in-law and very soon a grandson, not to speak of at least half my graduate students. (The other daughter teaches computer science in a collge.)
  • Companies founded by Technion graduates include Mellanox, 72 of the 300 non-US NASDAQ companies were founded or are led by Technion Graduates/Faculty.


  • Our students like to get part time jobs at the local research centers of Google, Intel, Microsoft etc which interferes with concentration on studies, and attendance at lectures.


  • The Technion has started partnerships with Cornell (based in New York) and Guandong (based in China) to teach high-tech enterpreneurship.