The Technion reality - students and Hi-tech, ctd

Our undergraduate students are a mix of:

  • pre-army (they do training in vacations and afterwards serve in professions for 3-6 years)
  • post-army who served in professions after minimal training
  • post-army who have not touched a book for 3-4 years
  • minority citizens straight from school, who may have weak hebrew and english

    The graduate students come from all these streams, many after six years professional army service as well as overseas students without hebrew at all. Many graduate students are married and parents, and some take childrearing breaks between first and higher degrees.

    Therefore we have to teach a wide range of levels and many have/will have breaks.

  • Need to plan carefully to give long range training for future hardware/software.

    Modern Physics class viewing Hydrogen atom electronic densities. Images with AViz, prepared as undergraduate project by Meital Kreif.