Supplementary material for:
Three dimensional visualization of simulations of liquids and solids

Joan Adler, Eden Segal and Grisha Zeltyn

ABSTRACT: Visualization in three dimensions is invaluable for understanding the nature of condensed and fluid systems, but it is not always easy. In nature it is hard to view sample interiors, but on computers it is possible. We describe and contrast two opposite approaches - ``smoke'' visualization for viewing interiors of liquid samples and interactive WebGL for solids and molecules. Both are extensions of earlier Technion Computational Physics group projects and complement and are interoperable with the recent SimPhoNy Fp7 project. They require only desktop hardware and software accessible to students. Examples and standalone instructions for both are presented, starting with sample creation and concluding with image galleries.
A longer version of the manuscript is here
In this paper there are two figures with series of stills that are selected from movies. One movie and its color codebar are shown below.

The movie from the last figure and some additional similar ones are shown below.
The images are .png files made from the WebGL ones. In the figure below clicking on the images will bring up the WebGL versions that can be zoomed and rotated.