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Seminar on Selected Topics in Physics, Spring 2016

COURSE INFORMATION - download pdf version - Sample lecture slides

All enquiries about enrolment should be directed to Eti (Rm 375 Lidow) in her office hours.

  1. The course is on Mondays, 10:30-12:30 in Rm 502, Lidow Physics building.
  2. The lecturer is Dr Joan Adler, phr76ja_at_tx.technion.ac.il, Rm 603, Lidow Physics Building, Tel ext. 3937. You may email her to fix appointments. If you do not make an advance appointment she will see you only if she is not busy.
  3. Each student gives a talk of about 45 minutes plus 5 minutes question time. The level should be between Physics Today/Europhysics News and Scientific American. If you select a review paper from elsewhere, it is your responsibility to bring it to the correct level. Nobel prizes of the last 20 years in Physics or maybe Chemistry are suitable, as are review articles from the abovelisted Journals. A few topics may be listed on this website, here .
  4. Each talk's topic, outline and sources must be approved by Dr Adler in advance.
  5. You may not talk on a topic you gave in a lab report, project or previous session of this or a similar course.
  6. Your grade will be between 0 and 100, based on both understanding, (including answering questions) and presentation (including good timing.)
  7. You must be present in all talks from the beginning to the end. Absences must be approved either in advance or within 2 weeks of the lectures, based on documentation. You must also attend a short session about using the library for research either as given by the main library or by the Physics Librarian. (Attendence before this semester at such a presentation also OK).
  8. Please send Dr Adler an email with topic and preferred dates, noting that early talks get bonuses. Lecture slots (and places in the course) will be filled in order of request, except that a small number of places are reserved for M. Sc. students only. Ph. D. students may not take this course, and MSc. students from other faculties will be admitted only if there is room. The timetable (check it at: http://phony1.technion.ac.il/~seminar16/calendar.html) will be updated every few days; you must be enrolled to make a seminar reservation; although if you want an early bonus slot see me to reserve even before enrolment.
  9. Talks may be presented on the whiteboard, or with a computer projector or a combination; movies and animations are encouraged and do not have to be original, but the source must be acknowledged. An html, powerpoint, or pdf file may be submitted by email at least 24 hours before the presentation, and will be placed on the website if it does not include illegally copied material. If you wish to use your laptop or the computer in Rm 502 it is your responsibility to check in advance that the presentation works; but you may request assistance from Dr Adler in advance if there are problems. It is also your responsibility to ensure you have suitable whiteboard pens, a pointer etc.
  10. This year, due to a non-hebrew speaking participant, everyone must bring a printed copy of their review paper, or email me in advance with a link to print it for him.

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