Targil 5

1. Question 1 - Simulated Annealing
2. Question 2 - Review of a project from previous years
I chose to review David Mazvovsky's project - tubeXYZ.
This project features a tool for creating .xyz files ,which are used for visualization in Aviz, of a nanotube with specified chirality. The atoms of the tube can be carbon, boron or silicon.
The program was written in Fortran 95, implementing the polyhedral model (Lee,Cox and Hill) for calsulating the coordinated of the requested NT.
The project website is very clear and easy to navigate. The instructions are also very clear and detailed and easy to operate.
I created two Carbon nanotubes with chirality vectors (5,0) and (3,3) and here is the visualization in Aviz of the .xyz file created by the tool:
CNTs visualization
I think this is a very good project, especially because it is very user friendly. This is a great visualization tool.

3. Question 3 - Seminars Summary
  1. Blackbody Radiation Emitted by an Arbitrary Shape Body Using the Source Model Technique
  2. Structure and parameter estimation of high-dimensional Graphical Models
4. Question 4 - My personal homepage

5. Question 5 - Drawing a lattice using AViz
I chose to draw a graphite lattice using AViz with this .xyz file.
graphite lattice