♫ Additional educational and auxilliary materials to the SimPhoNy official website at http://simphony-project.eu

Some of the material here is internal to FP7-SimPhoNy and password protected. SimPhoNy members should have passwords on the wiki

SimPhoNy material for the final report

Section E - Education here

SimPhoNy Material for M36 Meeting, Frieburg

  • DAYI - 15:15 Visualization and GUI solutions: Visualization paper: accepted to CPC
  • DayII - 9:30 NEMS educational tools: see here
  • Dissemination report -incl viz. paper and CECAM Ireland (see links in 5.6 update) and here.
  • Photographs and Report on CECAM meeting.
  • SimPhoNy Material for Multiscale Workshop, DUBLIN

  • Joan Plugfest presentation
  • Omri Poster
  • SimPhoNy Material for M30 Meeting, Cambridge

  • Jeremy wrapper report
  • Joan, Guillermo and Omri 4.1 report
  • Task 5.6 update press NEXT links to progress.
  • Adham, Joan and Nathan - AViz report
  • Dissemination report -incl viz. paper and CECAM Ireland (see links in 5.6 update) and here and report 6.5

    SimPhoNy Material for M24 Meeting, Haifa

  • Images from the workshop here.
  • M24 dissemination file here.
  • Dissemination morning talk here.
  • Task 4.1/5.6 afterlunch talk press NEXT links to progress.
  • AViz talk press NEXT links to progress.
  • More material for participants at SimPhoNy wiki
  • Advance information here
  • Travel information at General information and Technion Map
  • Revised version of Technion - 4.1 report and tar file of xyzfiles and a link
  • Open public lecture by G. Roman Thursday 28th January
  • Preparation of joint SimPhoNy visualization paper: draft

    SimPhoNy Material for M23 report

  • Links to summer 2015 posters:
    1. Electronic density vizualization here .
    2. AViz developments here .
    3. LAMMPS irradiation in diamond here .
    4. New link! Training session in Ireland, website

    SimPhoNy Material for M18 Meeting, Finland

  • INTOP announcement
  • IntOP2015 group picture
  • Abstract book
  • Links to all Technion M18 material:

    Highlights include:

    1. dissemination material
  • Jeremy Rutman's QE wrappers:here.
  • Page about Technion - WP4.1_rev

    Older (outdated) files:

  • Education Resources Draft: Report draft
  • Tutorials Drafts: Draft file and start of real file

    Material for M15 Educational Resources report here

    Material for M12 meeting, Madrid

  • AViz progress
  • AViz homepage
  • Simphony Dissemination file and pdf version as presented.
  • updated .txt version
  • Images from M12 meeting

    Local Technion SimPhoNy material here

    Other Simphony links (passwords needed):

  • for partners
  • WIKI
  • github
  • Livelink
  • ECAS
  • ♫ SimPhoNy at the Technion

    New AViz:

  • .xyz files for tests xyzfiles.tar
  • Log of AViz tests avizlog
  • For locals - new AViz working under Ubuntu (phony3) with command /home/jeremy/aviz6.1/AViz/aviz - see image
  • To install on your system use commands
    git clone https://github.com/simphony/AViz.git
    git pull https://github.com/simphony/AViz feature_qt4
    git branch feature_qt4

  • Technion material for M18 meeting, Jyvaskyla and abstracts for Meytal meeting at Technion, July 7th.