♫ List of files and information sources

  • The schedule has been emailed and placed on wiki.
  • Travel and Israel info including links to train and bus schedules and contact phones. In Haifa, a good taxi number is 048222222.
  • Technion map
  • Weather map - we are at the left of the bar of the H of Haifa.
  • Open seminar on 28th February. If any one else want to make a presentation please let Joan know.
  • If you need car entrance for a rental car please email Avital (avital@physics.technion.ac.il) with its color, license and make.
  • Room keys for the guest house are there until about 15:30 when they are moved to the main (west) Technion gate. They go back about 7:30 when the guesthouse office opens again. If you drive up on Highway 2, you will reach this gate. If you come from Highway 6 you will need to drive around.
  • When you come to the department, enter Lidow Physics building from its main entrance, turn right, enter elevator to 6th floor and either turn left to Rm 620 or turn left and left again to Rm 603, Joan's office.
  • Diagram of Rm 620 where we will meet.
  • We have a projector attached to a local Windows computer with a VGA entry, it does not have HDM1. We do not have MAC attachments, please bring. The computer accepts USBs or you can email material to Joan in advance to set up for presentation.
  • More information is here , mostly needed after you arrive.