Section E 8 Students/School pupils yes At Technion-IIT there is a focus on both undergraduate and high school education. Joan Adler is active in material preparation and mentoring as well as presenting material on Nanotechnology and Physics Education. Several of her presentations are listed in the dissemination lists above. Two for undergraduates in more detail below and one project for highschoolers:

  • Joan Adler - Master class "Modern Computational Science", organized by the School of Applied Mathematics under the auspicies of the HSE Teaching Excellence Initiative, 6 hours, 40 people;15-17 May, 2017. link
    Image of the 3rd day class, showing an AViz electronic density page, and the Israel FP7 Hamsa symbol that was used to illustrate ``Hands on'' projects.

  • Technion Physics MOADON MADA (Science Club for undergraduates) on Computational Physics projects, see slides and an image from the club
    on 1/6/16.

  • Material (in hebrew) for high school students on percolation with analog experiments.
    2D board at left, 3D with a 7th grader and Joan Adler at right

    Section E 9 Websites yes

  • Educational Resources

  • More student projects using LAMMPS with AViz and QE with AViz and Mayavi websites

  • Outline and start of Tutorial PAGES