SimPhoNy Educational Resources, M15

High School Students:

  • An introduction to topics presented in the undergraduate section for high school students is in preparation.
  • Introduction to nanotubes
  • Nanotube craft project

    Undergraduate Students:

  • The next link requires a basic mechanics class so is suited to second semester physics or engineering students onwards.
  • Introduction to molecular Dynamics: ``The cat and the apple''

    Graduate Students and Researchers:

  • There is educational material on the AViz website which will be annotated and listed here in the near future.
  • Several websites covering LAMMPS and QUANTUM ESPRESSO as well as instructions to use AViz for beginners have been prepared for and by Technion Graduate and course students and will be made more general shortly. These include:
    2. QUANTUM ESPRESSO - TAMNUN Project of Bastien Grosso
    3. Monte Carlo code for Liquid Crystals in python to AViz - Project of Hila Glanz
    4. AFM resuts in HDF4 to AViz - Pavel Aharonov's project
    5. Firefly and PCGAMESS input to AViz - Or Cohen's project
    6. QE phonon spectrum - Asaf Haddad's class project
    7. Lattice Boltzman - Dror Denneboom class project
  • Educational material on the Lattice Boltzman method is in preparation by the group in Jyvaskyla.
  • The Simphony project is funded by FP7 under NMP-2013-1.4-1call with Grant Agreement no:604005