♫ SimPhoNy at the Technion

Material for M12 meeting, Madrid

  • AViz progress
  • AViz homepage
  • Simphony Dissemination file and pdf version as presented.
  • updated .txt version
  • Technion - WP4.1

    Local SimPhoNy material

  • Group meeting page
  • IIT todo file
  • Simphony document file
  • HDF5 software file -
  • HDF4-AViz software example for AFM
  • Simphony nodes file

    Material from KOM

  • Presentation for KOM
  • Images from KOM
  • Agenda for KOM on joan@laptop:proposals/adham/Kick-off_Agenda....
    in same directory are: list of locations and word file of proposal.
    mirrored on phr76ja@phjoan23:proposals/adham/mirror

    Other Simphony links (passwords needed):

  • WIKI
  • github
  • Livelink
  • ECAS